HMS History Fair Winners

Congratulations to all of the HMS students who participated in the History Fair, but a special congratulations goes out to the HMS History Fair winners listed below!


1st Place - Hope Garrett and Madalyn Riddle (Pearl Harbor) 2nd Place - Whitney Peloke and Makenzie Turcic (Triangle Shirtwaist Fire)

Honorable Mention - Nadia Bowers, Savannah Morris, Madison Witherell (Black Plague)


1st Place - Sunny Anderson (Marie Curie and the Discovery of Radiation)

Honorable Mention - Dylan Merritt (Chernobyl Tragedy and Triumph)

Honorable Mention - Brayden Turcic (Korean War)

Honorable Mention - Ethan Colon (The Triumph and Tragedy of the Oregon Trail)


1st Place - Hannah McCormick (The Little Rock 9)


Honorable Mention - Ethan Rea and Kyle Eygabroad (The Triumph and Tragedy of Lawrence Taylor)


Honorable Mention - Jace Watson (The Watergate Scandal)

Honorable Mention - Brayden Jeter (The Invasion of Normandy)

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